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Talk about the role, advantages and disadvantages of the core board in the hardware


The core board, as the name suggests, is an electronic motherboard packaged and packaged with key components and circuits in the hardware structure. It has the characteristics of complex wiring, multiple layers, high-frequency signal interference, and high device density. Most core boards integrate processors, memory, and storage. , Power management and pins, through the pins and the supporting substrate connected together, to achieve a certain field of application.
The core board can effectively improve project efficiency. Developers can use it to simplify the target board design, save product development time and shorten the time to market. The disadvantage is that the core board market has uneven quality, and it takes a lot of effort to choose.

In hardware selection, the platform and the core board are equally important. On the basis of selecting a platform solution, finding a high-quality core board is the key to ensuring the smooth implementation and success of the project. It is recommended to consider from several aspects, the first core The device layout of the board and whether the device arrangement is reasonable; the second is to observe the wiring, the wiring needs to be neat and not messy; the third is the quality of the device, intuitively check the appearance of the device, and make a preliminary judgment; the last is the process of the core board; the above can be judged and selected.