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RV1106 IP Camera 38 Board
  • RV1106 IP Camera 38 BoardRV1106 IP Camera 38 Board
  • RV1106 IP Camera 38 BoardRV1106 IP Camera 38 Board
  • RV1106 IP Camera 38 BoardRV1106 IP Camera 38 Board
  • RV1106 IP Camera 38 BoardRV1106 IP Camera 38 Board
  • RV1106 IP Camera 38 BoardRV1106 IP Camera 38 Board

RV1106 IP Camera 38 Board

Thinkcore is a leading China RV1106 IP Camera 38 board development solution company. TC-RV1106 IP Camera 38 board, based on Rockchip semiconductor RV1106 media processing chip development of IP camera, its chip is 38mm integrated motherboard, the board contains lens, Sensor, main chip, can support customers do RV1106 monitoring IP camera products quickly.

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Product Description

Find RV1106 IP Camera 38 board at thinkcore.

Six Core Technical Advantages of RV1106 IP Camera 38 board 

1. Built-in self-developed 4th generation NPU, up to 0.5TOPs computing power

RV1106 and RV1103 adopt Cortex-A7 CPU and high-performance MCU, built-in fourth-generation NPU self-developed by Rockchip, which has high operation precision and supports mixed quantization of int4, in8 and int16, in which int8 computing power is 0.5TOPs and int4 computing power can reach 1.0TOPs.

2. Built-in self-developed third-generation ISP3.2 to support a variety of image processing technologies

RV1106 and RV1103 adopt the third generation ISP3.2 developed by Rockchip, which supports 5 million and 4 million pixels respectively, and supports various image enhancement and correction algorithms such as HDR, WDR, multi-stage noise reduction, and so on. In all kinds of complex light scenes, the effect of black light full color and backlight strong light shooting is visible.

RV1106 and RV1103 can support 2-3 MIPI/DVP inputs, which is the preferred scheme for economical binocular vision products.

3. Strong coding ability, high frame rate, low bit rate, small footprint

In terms of video encoding, Rockchip RV1106, and RV1103 have super encoding performance, support intelligent encoding, and save code stream according to the scene adaptively, saving more than 50% of the code rate compared with the conventional CBR mode, so that the shooting picture is both high-definition and small in size, double the storage space. It also supports rich encoding functions, such as frame skip reference, custom quantization matrix, subjective factors, etc., to further improve the encoding quality.

4. Intelligent audio and sound recording are clearer

In terms of audio processing, Rockchip RV1106, and RV1103 adopt intelligent audio solutions, support echo cancellation, voice noise reduction, cry detection, abnormal sound detection, etc., support high-definition voice, enhance the sound collection, and long-distance sound pickup.

5. Fast startup transient response, high performance, and low power consumption

RV1106 and RV1103 are designed with a built-in RISC-V MCU, which supports low-power fast startup, supports 250ms fast snapshot, and loads the AI model library at the same time, which can realize face recognition "within 1 second".

6. High integration

RV1106 and RV1103 have the built-in Audio codec, MAC PHY, RTC, etc., and provide the QFN package with built-in DDR and BGA package without built-in DDR.

Application of RV1106 IP Camera 38 board 

Widely used in face recognition, gesture recognition, gate access control, intelligent security, IPC intelligent webcam, smart doorbell/cat's eye, self-service terminal, smart finance, smart construction site, smart travel and other industries.

Secification of RV1106 IP Camera 38 board 


RV1106, Cortex A7 + MCU


Built in 1Gb~2Gb DDR3L


2Gb NAND Flash,Support NOR Flash


RV1106 has 0.5TOPS, Support RKNN AI framework, which can realize the conversion of common AI framework models such as (Caffe, darknet, Mxnet, ONYX, PyTorch, TensorFlow, TFlite) and algorithm 


5 million pixels SC530AI Sensor,Monocular camera


4 Lane MIPI CSI,Support 500 million pixels@25fps,Support up to 3 sensor access




SDIO WIFI,IEEE 802.11b/g/n


USB 4G module,Support CAT4,CAT1 main stream modules

Net port

Adaptive 10/100Mbps 100M, Support MDIX function


OTG2.0 X1


Analog Omnidirectional MIC


Independent external Audio Coder, pickup and Speak, with 3W power amplifier, no Support Line out


Optional (ISP night sensing function).

Fill light

Expandable LED fill light panel, support white light/IR fill light


The port does not elicit a reset signal


Third generation ISP,5M30 2F HDR/3NDR/WDR/BLC/DPCC/PDAF/LSC


H.264/265 5M30FPS,5M@60FPS JPEG snapshot,Six bit rate control modes (CBR, VBR, FIXQP, AVBR, QPMAP, and CVBR)

System support

Linux (Support fast start, first valid frame rendering time < 150ms).

Operating temperature


Operating platform


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