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What is an embedded computer?


For those who have just stepped into the embedded industry, there are still many things they don’t know about embedded, such as what is an embedded computer, and what is the difference between an embedded computer and an embedded system? These questions are the source. Because I don’t understand the concept of embedded, today I will talk about what an embedded computer is.

Generally speaking, an embedded computer is a computer with an embedded system as the application center. For an embedded system, it is based on computer technology, and the software and hardware can be tailored. It is suitable for the application system to function, reliability, cost, A special-purpose computer system with strict requirements on size and power consumption. It generally consists of four parts: embedded microprocessor, peripheral hardware equipment, embedded operating system, and user application programs.

For an embedded computer, to understand it, it is necessary to understand it from the following aspects: The first is embedded software, that is, the application is selected in the custom operating system kernel, and the kernel is downloaded to the ROM after compilation. The application component selected when customizing the operating system kernel is to complete the "embedding" of the software. For example, when WinCE is customizing the kernel, there will be corresponding choices, among which are Wordpad, PDF, MediaPlay and so on. If we choose, After the CE is started, you can find these things in the interface. If it is the windows operating system of the previous PC, most of the things need to be reinstalled.

Then comes the embedded hardware. Embedded hardware integrates CPU-based peripheral devices into the CPU to realize many functions of the CPU.

Finally, burn the software kernel or application file system into the ROM of the embedded system hardware platform to achieve a real "embedding".

The above is the definition of the embedded system, and the embedded system is an integral part of the embedded computer.