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The advantages of the embedded computer


1.Strong specificity of the embedded computer: the advantage of embedded operating system lies in its strong personalization. The combination of software system and hardware is very close. Generally, the system should be transplanted for hardware. Even in the same brand and series of products, it needs to be constantly modified according to the change and increase or decrease of system hardware. At the same time, for different tasks, the system often needs to be greatly changed, and the compilation and download of the program should be combined with the system.
2.The system kernel of  the embedded computer is small. For general applications in small electronic devices, the system resources are limited, and the kernel of embedded operating system is much smaller than that of traditional operating system.
3.High real-time performance of the embedded computer: EOS has generally strong real-time performance and can be used in various equipment control.

4.Tailorability: an architecture that supports openness and scalability.

5.System simplification and security: generally, embedded systems do not have an obvious distinction between system software and application software, and their functional design and implementation are not required to be too complex. On the one hand, it is conducive to controlling system cost and realizing system security.
6.Unified interface. Provide a unified drive interface for the equipment.

7.Curing code. In the embedded system, the embedded operating system and application software are solidified in the ROM of the embedded system computer

8.Long life cycle: because the embedded operating system is organically combined with specific applications, the upgrading is also carried out synchronously.
9.Strong stability, weak interaction. The advantage of embedded operating system is that it does not need too much user intervention at the beginning of operation. Generally, the user interface does not provide operation commands. It provides services to user programs through system call commands, which requires that the EOS responsible for system management has strong stability.
10.It is easy and simple to operate, provides friendly graphical GUI and graphical interface, provides powerful network functions, supports TCP / IP protocol and other protocols, provides TCP / UDP / IP / PPP protocol support and unified MAC access layer interface, and reserves interfaces for various mobile computing devices.
11.It can meet the needs of portable virtual instrument: the embedded operating system has entered the post PC era. Its small size and high reliability can meet the needs of portable virtual instrument in field and harsh environment.

12.Flexible customization: compared with general-purpose computer system, embedded system has low power consumption, high reliability, powerful function and high performance price ratio; Strong real-time performance, multi task support, small space occupation and high efficiency; For specific applications, it can be flexibly customized according to needs.